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by e2sol


Categories: Featured, News

by e2sol


Mashhor Alshrieef, Electrical Design Engineer, Brianna Baro, Energy Market Research Analyst, Anthony Baro, Principal, Kelli Baro, Head Cheerleader, Brandon Baro, Marketing Analyst @ E2SOL

By Hugh Minor09/30/2022

E2SOL is is made up of a team of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-accredited architects and engineers focused on developing energy efficient solutions.

With the company’s most recent innovation, highway medians and rest areas convert solar power into energy that recharges electric vehicles. Through this method, it will increase revenues for states, as well as make travel for those driving electric vehicles much more convenient.

E2SOL says the new product design is under patent pending review.

“The customer base for electrified vehicles continues to grow and we are responding to the demand for better and more accessible services,” Baro said.

Not only will this product deliver more resources to electric vehicle drivers, it will repurpose existing unused structures. Baro says E2SOL is focused on transforming its dormant highway infrastructure into active power sources and revenue-producing assets.

“Electric vehicles are taking over fossil fuel-powered cars. The technology right now is fantastic, especially solar,” Baro said. “People can be producing their own power from the sun.”

Pilot demonstrations of E2SOL’s new product are expected to commence at the beginning of 2023, with the product slated to hit the market later in the year.Also, the company projects that its revenue will increase by $5 million or moreover the next three years, and local employment will increase by 15 to 20people.

E2SOL’s ultimate goal is to electrify the transportation sector across the country and help individuals and businesses achieve their renewable energy needs.

When asked about the growth opportunities E2SOL has in front of it, Baro said,“We’re growing faster than the resources that we have. The challenge for us right now is to catch up with all of the demand we have. It’s a good challenge to have.”


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