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Providence, RI, January 26, 2022 – Formed in 2010, E2SOL (Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC) innovates renewable energy technologies, develops custom project solutions, and offers products designed to maximize energy consumption efficiencies. Their goal is to transform under-utilized customer assets into intelligent sensing power producing assets delivering maximum property values.

The company has expertise in demand response and energy storage solutions to assure commercial customers the greatest return on their energy investments. Project teams are comprised of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited architects and engineers, who integrate sustainable design practices to optimize the use of a property natural assets (i.e. solar exposure, water, wind, environmental dynamics, and sustainable materials) to maximize energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and environmental impact of new developments. Assisting businesses achieve electrical power self-sustainment and resilience (Net-Zero off the grid) while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

“We are excited to have a comprehensive web presence to tell our story and to show off some of our most notable projects and innovations,” stated Anthony Baro, Principal of E2SOL. “We are committed to assisting businesses achieve energy independence and positively affect climate change.”

E2SOL provides energy efficiency solutions that can literally change the way an organization thinks about their energy usage, by turning their dormant assets into revenue producing entities. They develop intelligent Net-Zero PlusEnergy building infrastructures designed to enhance the property value of all customers.

E2SOL is committed to delivering environmentally responsible products and services that add value to its customers and contribute to a positive circular economy, achieving a Zero Carbon generation society, creating a self-sustainable power and resilient world and improving water, air, and ground quality. We are dedicated to Innovating initiatives to facilitate workforce development, financial resilience, and economic opportunities worldwide.

The E2SOL team has relationships with the top equipment and solution providers in both the solar and the energy efficiency industries. With numerous awards and certifications in the energy industry, E2SOL is proud to align with the United Nations and its global sustainable development goals. To learn more visit


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