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AllEarth Solar Tracker Series 24

The AllEarth Solar Tracker is a dual-axis solar tracker that uses innovative GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day, producing up to 45 percent more energy than rooftop solar. With its ease-of-use features, high energy performance, and small footprint, the AllEarth Solar Tracker is a ground-mount solution that gives energy independence and the most return on your investment. The tracker is American-engineered and American-made, with rigorous lifecycle and wear testing to make sure the details are done right, guaranteeing that your system will have a long, reliable life. Key features include a wind rating of up to 120 mph with automatic high-wind protection settings, superior snow-shedding capabilities, and a durable design that ensures that the tracker can withstand any climate, from desert heat to severe winter conditions.

  • 24 Solar Modules Grid connected Net Metered AC Power Configured System

  • Grid connected Distributed Generation AC Power Configured System

  • Off-Grid connected AC Power Configured System

  • Built-In Global Positioning System (GPS) to accurately position solar modules

  • AllEarth Tracker System with 10-Year Warranty (Extended Warranty Optional)

  • DC to AC Power Inverter with 10-Year Warranty (Extended Warranty Optional)

  • Solar Modules with 25-Year Warranty

To learn more about AllEarth Solar Tracker product line options, please contact us today to discuss your specific energy requirements.