Efficient Energy Solutions



"Maximize Your Energy Consumption Efficiencies"

E2SOL Clean Energy Micro-Grid Power Plant Generator Products Help Lower Your Utility Power Consumption And Energy Costs

When integrated into a Renewable Solar or Wind Energy Facility, the Energy Storage and Power Plant Generators offer the capability to be completely Off-The-Grid, reduce utility power consumption, and / or serve as an Emergency Power Plant Generator in the event of utility power failures. 

E2SOL Power Plants are available in storage capacity from 8,880-watt hours (POWER PLANT 1.0) to 17,760-watt hours (POWER PLANT 2.0), with up to 72,000-watt hours maximum per array utilizing attachable power module AGM battery banks.  Custom Units can also be designed to specific Customer Power needs and requirements.  


Whether you're looking to reduce your building facility electric power consumption, generate electrical power, or be Off-The-Grid, E2SOL works with you to help you achieve energy independence.

30% Federal tax credit + State rebates + Available financing programs makes installing E2SOL Renewable Energy Power Plant Solutions very Affordable. 

Please contact us today to discuss your specific power requirements. 

8.88 to 17.76 kWh Energy Storage Power Plant Generator
VSP 7 and 14 kW Portable Power Plants
AGM or Alternate Battery Selection

AllSun PV Tracker Option
3-5 kW Vertical Axis
 Wind Turbine Options