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PowerSpout Hydro Power

Generate Hydro Power from Constant Water Flow Applications- Natural Streams, Dams, Pool Pumps, Water Pumps, Water Treatment Facilities, as well as Custom Design Applications - Up to 1,300W continuous production (production dependent upon resource application)


PowerSpout BE - Battery Enabled Model is designed to directly charge 12v 24v or 48v batteries. A good choice for off-grid installations where the turbine is within 100ft (30meters) of the battery bank. Requires a load dump charge controller to protect the battery bank.

PowerSpout ME - MPPT Enabled is designed to charge batteries with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. A good choice for off-grid installations where the turbine is less than 2000ft (600meters) away from the battery bank. The ME can also be used in place of the BE when higher charging efficiency is required (MPPT optimization).

PowerSpout GE - Grid Enabled Model is designed to connect directly to a grid tied inverter. A good choice for on-grid applications where the turbine is less than 2000ft (600meters) away from the inverter location. The Grid Tie Model requires no Battery Bank and is designed for homes already on the grid near a good hydro resource.

PowerSpout HE - High Voltage Enabled Model is designed for long high voltage cable runs to an inverter or charge controller. Requires three transformers; one for each phase at the receiving location.

Batteries, Cables, Charge Controllers and Inverters are sold separately. If you send us your specs (flow, head, length of run, and distance to house) we'll calculate your expected power output, wire size, pipe size and give you a total system component cost. If you wish, installation is also available.




· Up to 1.3KW continuous production (dependent upon resource head)

· Units designed to be installed in parallel to capture very large flow rates

· Operates from 3meters of head up to 100m (10ft-328ft)

· Over 6 years continuous field operation with zero maintenance

· Grease Zerk fitting for easy bearing maintenance

· Large-diameter direct-drive permanent magnet generator

· 68% Recycled materials use in manufacturer

· Installation price to separately dependent on installation application


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